Building Possibilities


Medad Technology is dedicated to developing novel therapeutic solutions that are smarter, safer and more effective for the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions. We are committed to improving public health and quality of life through scientific excellence and integrity. We are not just imagining the possibilities. We are building them.


Medad Technology's ultrasonic delivery system demonstrates superior performance in latest clinical study.

Carbonyl emissions are below limits of detection with ultrasound technology for nicotine delivery, reducing potential harm for adult smokers.

Medad Technology's commitment to innovation is reflected in its portfolio of 331 patents and the development of 4 proprietary chips, accounting for 39% of all IP applications from the UAE.

Medad Technology harnesses the innovative spirit of the UAE by obtaining medical license for local R&D and manufacturing facility.

Who We Are

Medad Technology stands at the forefront of HealthTech innovation, having invested 4 years and $150 million in R&D to develop an ultrasonic delivery system that revolutionizes inhalation technology. Our system overcomes the limitations of traditional aerosol delivery, offering groundbreaking applications in both Consumer HealthTech and Pharmaceutical HealthTech sectors.



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