Medad Technology joins others in pushing forward the technological transition happening worldwide. Together, we want to improve the public health and quality of life for all humankind.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is breaking the limits of our present status quo in so many industries globally. Medad Technology joins other innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve to improve humanity’s quality of life. Our team of scientists, researchers, engineers, and investors all work together to create the next breakthrough that unlocks another step of progress for all of us.

Medad Technology's core work comes from its ability to design and manufacture its own ICs and PCBs and to develop its own firmware and software. These improvements allow us to increase technology and product performance, and deliver turnkey systems and solutions. We have made advances in medical and recreational inhalation systems. The same advances led to improved PCR tests and opened possibilities for improved electric vehicle battery power management.

End-to-End Design of ICs and PCBs

New-gen ICs, PCBs and SOC design, with greater computational power, speed and memory capacity, are being developed in-house at Medad Technology’s R&D arm, Bu Graphene. The fabless model caters to both our internal innovations as well as to requests from other parties.

Inhalation Ultrasound Technology

Medad Technology built a miniaturized hand-held nebulizer with a suite of companion integrated chips capable of operating ultrasound transducers at high frequencies with feedback control algorithms that finally breaks the limit of aerosolizing dense and viscous solutions – a disruption of both the medical and recreational liquid delivery systems through inhalation.

Precision Ultrasonic Cell Lysing

After breakthroughs in ultrasound inhalation technology, Medad Technology used the same concepts to develop an ultrasonic cell lysing technique by developing a proprietary Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) that controls the frequency and power of the sound wave used to break down the cell wall during the extraction process.
Our ultrasonic cell lysing registered high precision, high speed and less destructive results than other means.

Thermal Cycling Chip for PCR Tests

Medad Technology harnessed its breakthroughs in ICs design to create a PCR thermal chip with a cycle time of just one second per cycle.

New Generation Battery Power Management for Electrical Vehicles

Medad Technology is joining the effort to reduce global emissions through the use of electric cars by developing a new generation of wirelessly charged electric vehicle batteries. Our ICs can assess and control the power flow and consumption of each battery cell.